Factors that Determine How Long Weed Stays In Your System


Lots of new marijuana users often wonder how long the drug remains in the system after consumption. Answering such question isn’t difficult considering that there’s plenty of research on weed these days. First and foremost, experts agree that how long marijuana stays in your body depends on a number of factors. But frequency of use is the number one factor that determines how the drug interacts with your body. For instance, a person who smokes pot everyday will obviously have a different outcome to one who uses weed occasionally. Aside from frequency of use, here are other factors that determine how long marijuana remains in your body. Find more info at this website to get started.

Body fat content

The chemical compound in marijuana that temporarily alters your brain lives in the fat cells. As such, if you have more fat content, then marijuana is likely to remain in your system for a longer time. Therefore, if you want to get rid of THC content from your system, then you might want to consider exercising and changing your diet.


Since cannabinoids are stored in the fat cells means that if you exercise regularly, then the effect of marijuana are likely not to last in your system. This is because you burn fat and get rid of marijuana every time you exercise. If you want to flush the effects of marijuana from your body system because of one reason or the other, then consider all manner of workouts. Get more info at this website.

Drinking water more often also has an effect on how long weed remains in your body. People who drink water frequently are likely to have less cannabinoids than those who don’t.

Strength of drug

Lots of Marijuana users know from experience that weed varies in strength and quality. Generally, a marijuana plant with lots of THC content will certainly last more in your body. If you want the effects of weed to last in your body, then it’s always recommended that you buy quality weed.

Metabolism rate

Your metabolic rate also determines how long marijuana remains in your body system. If you have slow metabolic rate, then effects of the drug will certainly stay in your system for a longer time.

Other factors

Other factors like your gender, age and method of consumption also determine how long marijuana remains in your system. The above mentioned factors determine how long weed stays in your body.

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_cultivation to read more about this.


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